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Project 10: Training of spatial hearing in a virtual open sound field

Host Institution: Nemo Lab/Spatial Soud Institute, Hungary.
Close cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) (PhD program enrollment).

The project investigates the use of spatial sound technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a simulation environment that produces perceptually coherent triggers for sound directionality and proximity in the omnidirectional field. The simulation will allow subjects with hearing impairment and/or CI to train spatial hearing in a near-to-real-life sound experience, assisted by AI which monitors and adapts training content in real-time to fit achievements and needs of subjects.

Our Partners in this project:

  • REACT, Reactify Music LLP, UK [Secondment 1]
  • UCBL, Université Claude Bernard Lyon, France [Secondment 2]
Paul Oomen

Paul Oomen

Founder and CEO

Nemo Labs (former 4D sound) / Spatial Sound Institute SSI – Hungary




to be recruited

Prof. Dr. Géza Németh

Prof. Dr. Géza Németh

Professor and PhD Supervisor