The CherISH network

We combine advanced medicine, evidence based psychology with innovative engineering


WP1 (Lead: UT): Modelling the neurophysiology of spatial hearing in cochlear implant [M7-M42]

WP2 (Lead: CBNL): Fine-tuning of ITD and ILD in uni- and bilateral cochlear implant [M7-M32]

WP3 (Lead: Nemo Labs): Multisensory training of spatial hearing [M7-M32]

WP4 (Lead: UCBL): Active sensing strategies in training of spatial hearing [M7-M32]

WP5 (Lead: ÖAW): Spatial hearing in real and virtual environments [M7-M32]

WP6 (Lead: KUL): Training – organising teaching events [M7-M32]

Task 6.1 – Training (KUL): teaching events for month 7 to 18
Task 6.2 – Training (UNITN): teaching events for month 19 to 30
Task 6.3 – Training (UCBL): teaching events for month 31 to 42

WP7 (Lead: UT): Project management [M1-M48]

Task 7.1 – Recruitment (UT)
Task 7.2 – Contractual management (UT)
Task 7.3 – Financial management (UT)
ask 7.4 – Day-to-day management (UT)
Task 7.5 – Ethical documents (all)
Task 7.6 – Progress Monitoring (UT, WP leaders)
Task 7.7 – Data management (UT)

WP8 (Lead: UNITN): Communication, dissemination & exploitation [M1-M48]

Deliverables overview [M1 = March 2024]