The CherISH network

We combine advanced medicine, evidence based psychology with innovative engineering

Our consortium

Our consortium is made up of 5 academic beneficiaries and 2 private beneficiaries. In our Doctoral Network Project, we will be supported by academic and non-academic associate partners with training in psychology and engineering.

At the center of this network will be an incredible team of 12 passionate PhD students, working hand-in-hands, and supported by the expertise  20 dedicated professionals, including researchers, medical doctors, professors, and entrepreneurs.

Beneficiaries CBNL and KUL and the associated partner BME have long standing technical experience in developing communication aids including cochlear implants for the elderly and hearing impaired. While the beneficiaries UT and UCBL are directly involved in the care of hearing-impaired partients and RCNS pursue a neurophysiological approach to study the mechanisms of sensory rehabilitation. Psychology-based training for directional hearing is deveoped by beneficiaries UCBL, UNITN and ÖAW and the employing associated partner ICL*. The latter collaborate closely with Beneficiary Nemo Labs (4D SOund), BME and REACT on topics of sound technology and with beneficiary UT on articifial intelligence.

*In the original plan, ICL was a beneficiary. In the new plan, ICL is an employing associated partner and will host two Doctoral Candidates (DCs).

The Beneficiaries

Our Associated Partners (AP)