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Project 7:  The contribution of active movements of the sound source in spatial hearing for cochlear implant users

Host Institution: Universita degli Study di Trento, Italy
Centro interdipartimentale Mente/Cervello – CIMEC

In this project, we will examine to what extent and under which neurocognitive principles acting upon sounds and acting to move sounds in space can change perceptual and meta-cognitive experiences of sound position. In addition, we will study how this active approach to spatial hearing could be exploited when aiming to re-learn or consolidate sound localization skills, especially in cochlear implant users. The project entails methods from human psychophysics, experimental psychology; competences in cognitive neuroscience and 3D sound technology related to auditory virtual reality.

Our Partner in this project:

  • ICL, Imperial College London, UK [Secondment 1&2]
Prof. Francesco Pavani, PhD

Prof. Francesco Pavani, PhD

Full Professor of Experimental Psychology




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